Scuole Pascoli (Viareggio)

The Pascoli schools constitute an architectural complex in the eclectic-neoclassical style located in the center of Viareggio, a short distance from the railway station.

Designed in 1925, it was the second school building in the city, after the Lambruschi schools (1908). It was inaugurated still incomplete in 1932, and completed the following year. In 1936 the boundary wall was built to delimit the property and in the same year the school was named “9 Maggio XIV° E.F.”, the date of the proclamation of the Italian Empire by the fascist regime.

On 4 August 1945 the school was named after the poet Giovanni Pascoli. In 1959 the building was raised by one floor and a second entrance was built, on via Mazzini, in addition to the two on via Puccini.

The painter Aldo Ordavo (1913-1991) worked as a teacher in the school.

The building, consisting of three floors, is free on four sides, two of which face the street: via Puccini and via Mazzini, and two of which overlook the school courtyard. The main facade overlooks via Puccini and has two specular entrance portals, surmounted by two floors of balconies. On the other hand, a staircase opens up on via Mazzini which leads to a third portal.

The building has simple neoclassical decorations.