Stazione di Viareggio

The Viareggio station is a railway facility located on the Genoa-Pisa railway located in the territory of the municipality of the same name. It also represents the terminus of the line for Lucca and Florence.

The old Viareggio station, opened in 1861, at the end of the 19th century was inadequate for the commercial and touristic role that the city was taking on at that time. As early as 1889, the Viareggio municipal council proposed the construction of a new, more central plant that could give “greater prestige and prestige to the city”, in an area that made it possible to better serve the now expanding town.

The new railway station, designed by Roberto Narducci, was therefore activated on 13 June 1936 and inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Communications Antonio Stefano Benni.

Structures and systems
The passenger building was designed by the architect Roberto Narducci, while the construction was entrusted to the firm Ignesti Federico e Figli. Covered in “Marmo rosso Italia delle Apuane”, the building is designed as a two-storey central body with two single-storey side wings; from the street side, the large portico allows access to the various rooms that house the station services.

Following the removal of two tracks after the 2009 accident, the station bundle consists of eight through tracks.

The tracks of the Tyrrhenian railway with correct layout are those numbered 3 and 4, used respectively for transits to and from Pisa. Track 1 is mainly used for the parking of material that ends in Viareggio, while track 2 is used for right of way. Platforms 5 and 6 are used as the terminus of the Viareggio-Florence line via Lucca, platforms 7 and 8 are the terminus for trains to and from Lucca.

For the centralized maneuvering of the entities in the square, the station was equipped with a characteristic switching cabin designed by the architect Roberto Narducci and built in 1936. Once the original function ceased and the building was physically separated from the rest of the station as a result of the reorganization works of the square following the accident of 2009, the same was acquired by the Municipality of Viareggio which provided for its complete restoration.