Chiesa della Misericordia (Pietrasanta)

The church of San Biagio is a Catholic place of worship in the historic center of Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca; it is also called the church of Misericordia as it is the seat of the local confraternity of Misericordia.

Already dedicated to San Biagio, the church was the seat of a Company that assisted the condemned and foundlings and which, in 1896, was transformed into the Confraternity of Mercy.

There are two wooden sculptures depicting Sant’Antonio Abate and San Biagio, attributed respectively to Antonio Pardini and Jacopo della Quercia. The statues are considered to be among the highest quality works that were produced in the Lucca area between the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century.

Noteworthy among others are the Coronation of the Virgin and Saints (1550) by Lorenzo Cellini, the elegant eighteenth-century choir loft with pipe organ from the early nineteenth century (enlarged in 1860 by Odoardo Landucci), and the wall paintings in the chapel of the ‘Addolorata attributed to Luigi Ademollo.

From 1993 are the two large fresco panels, the Gate of Paradise and the Gate of Hell, the work of Fernando Botero, a Colombian artist who usually resides in the Versilia town for a few months a year.