Chiesa della Madonna delle Nevi (Stazzema)

The church of the Madonna delle Nevi is a church in Stazzema, located in the locality of La Madonna, at the end of the town, and is 1 km away from the main church.

It was born in 1610, according to the needs of the quarrymen of the town who, returning home tired and exhausted from work in the evening, did not have the strength to go to the main Pieve, at the beginning of the town, so far away; thus evening Vespers were celebrated in this small church.

The church has a single nave, covered by a white plastered barrel vault, with a dove painted above the main altar, it is almost 18 meters long, just over 7 meters high and almost 6 meters wide. The sacristy today consists of a single small room measuring 3 meters by 4 meters; once instead it had another room next to it and one above it, in fact in the left wall of the sacristy we can see the hollow of a door.

The outside
The fa small door in carved wood, behind this there is a staircase carved into the wall that leads to the organ of 1859. Continuing on the choir loft, on the opposite side of the ascent of it, there is a small door that leads to the upper part of the bell tower, from which you can also get on the roof.

To the right of the entrance there is a door identical to the one leading up to the organ, only here you enter the base of the bell tower, where the strings for the two bells are found, which after more than thirty years were resounded on 5 August 2014 by a benefactor who also restored them for the occasion of the holy mass in honor of the patron saint of the church.

The bell tower is placed above the facade of the church, about 15 meters high; instead on the roof at the height of the sacristy, there is a small bell in the shape of “Pan di Zucchero”, probably coming from the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta di Stazzema, cast around 1400-1500.